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Thank you for joining the Pearl Empire at Center for Creative Learning. program designed to help guide young aspiring makeup artists. The program focuses on cultivating elegant and confident traits that lay within every young lady. By first exploring their self-esteem and self-worth, participants will acknowledge and value their innate beauty. Building from an understanding that true beauty starts from within, mentees will learn professional level makeup skills needed to enhance their natural beauty and their future clients. Essentially this program makes “Pretty Girls” pretty, from the inside out.  aims to educate and mentor aspiring teen makeup artists so they can represent themselves as brilliant and respectable entrepreneurs. P.G.P. is devoted to nurturing young ladies and helping them find their self-value. Throughout the courses, Pretty Girl Pretty helps mentees find the balance between enhancing their natural beauty and having beautiful character. With character development and hands on training from a certified makeup artist, Jeanna B., participants will find the confidence needed to be successful artists with virtues and moral aptitudes.

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